Preventive dentistry

Dental prophylaxis is mainly based on how the patient cares for his teeth at home. In our clinic, oral hygiene instruction is performed, i.e. learning how to properly brush and clean the oral cavity, taking into account the patient’s needs, age and manual skills. Professional hygienic treatments (scaling, sandblasting) allow you to remove deposits and tartar from subgingival, supragingival and interdental surfaces. Fluoridation with high-concentrated fluoride products protects the teeth against cavities. A very important prophylaxis procedure is sealing milk and permanent teeth.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is carried out when the pulp of the tooth, consisting of vessels and nerves, has died. During the procedure, the doctor, under local anesthesia removes the pulp from the tooth, widens and cleans the tooth canal and fills it with a special material. In our office, each root canal treatment is carried out using a microscope, thanks to which the endodontist is able to see the smallest details in the structure of the tooth. This is in line with the latest methods and standards established by the Polish Endodontic Society. The effectiveness of the treatment is estimated at 95%. We recommend radiological inspection of the treated tooth 6 and 12 months after the procedure.

Aesthetic dentistry

Initial cavities can be treated at a very early stage without using a drill, using the so-called infiltration with special resins. A similar method can reduce the occurrence of white discoloration and stains on the teeth, which significantly improves their aesthetics. It is a minimally invasive method and its effects are spectacular. We invite you to our metamorphoses. A beautiful smile can be achieved through orthodontic treatment, hygienization and teeth whitening. However, when the shape of the teeth differs from our ideals, we can choose one of the most popular solutions, which are veneers. It is an overlay on the front surface of the tooth that allows you to mask imperfections related to the shape of the tooth or a malocclusion. The tooth requires fine grinding in the range of 0.3 mm in order to reduce its dimensions. The final work is carried out on the basis of modern digital dentistry techniques.

A dental implant is an implant made of titanium or zirconium, which is embedded in the bone of the jaw or mandible. In this way, the lost root is restored and the tooth crown is finally rebuilt. Implants are used to reconstruct a single tooth, several teeth at once, the entire jaw. Implants can also enhance the stability of the prosthesis. Before starting treatment, a treatment plan is established based on the analysis of CBCT, 3D intraoral scans and photographic images of a smile. In our clinic, implantations are carried out on the basis of surgical templates printed on 3D printers, which significantly improves the comfort of the procedures performed for the patient, increases the precision, and allows the missing tooth to be restored during the same visit.

Treatment of temporomandibular joints

The temporomandibular joints are responsible for the function of moving the lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw. Therefore, they play an extraordinary role when consuming food and articulating sounds. Unfortunately, both daily stress and irregularities in dentition can cause a series of disorders and ultimately lead to their dysfunction. It is extremely important to prevent and, if necessary, rehabilitate this joint, the structure of which is one of the most complex in the human body. Cooperation between a prosthetist and a physiotherapist is extremely important here.

Modern orthodontic treatment allows for full correction of many bite disorders, restoring the aesthetics of a smile and face. A beautiful and healthy smile boosts self-confidence. The treatment process begins with a consultation, during which the doctor examines the patient, performs the necessary digital scans and x-rays. An individual treatment plan is established. We use removable and fixed appliances, both standard (metal brackets) and aesthetic (composite or ceramic brackets).

The field of rehabilitation in the case of missing teeth, destruction of tooth tissues and bringing harmony to the smiles of our patients. The achievements of modern technology come to the rescue here: 3d scanners, CAD software, numerical milling machines that allow us to make restorations of the highest quality. Each work is performed with the utmost care and the greatest accuracy, which ensures long-term durability and tightness of these solutions. Thanks to this, the carefully planned designs of our patients’ smiles can become a reality.

Periodontology is the treatment of periodontium, that is the tissues around the teeth – gums and bones. Gums that bleed when brushing or on their own, are red, have pain and swelling, and are inflamed. Untreated periodontal diseases can lead to tooth mobility, sensitivity and loss of teeth. Therefore, it is very important to detect the disease early and start treatment immediately. In our clinic, we will make sure that periodontal disease does not threaten your smile. Treatment is divided into three phases. In the first phase, treatments are performed to remove plaque and calculus from the teeth (scaling, sandblasting). The second phase, of treatment consists of bite therapy and prosthetic treatment as well as periodontal microsurgery. The third phase, of treatment is disease relapse prevention, which means proper oral hygiene, healthy lifestyle and follow-up visits.

The intraoral scanner allows you to accurately guide and map out the oral cavity in order to transfer this information directly to the computer. Thanks to this technology, we can get rid of the need to make analog impressions. The scanner takes several photos per second, which are converted in real time into a 3D image with amazing accuracy. The teeth models can be freely rotated on the touch screen. You will have the opportunity to see your smile from different perspectives.

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