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A dental implant is an implant made of titanium or zirconium, which is embedded in the bone of the jaw or mandible. The phenomenon of osseointegration occurs and the implant structure grows into our body. Such a combination restores a lost tooth in the most natural way, imitating a new tooth root. It is a safe, fully tested process that ensures comfort, despite the loss of some of the teeth.

Of course, the most common answer is aesthetics. Nowadays, no one can imagine functioning without a tooth in the anterior region. This excludes socially and does not allow normal functioning. A dental implant enables natural and aesthetic reconstruction of missing teeth- if it is or was necessary to remove the tooth. In this way, the lost root is restored and the tooth crown is finally rebuilt.

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Well, if space is left in the dentition, a process occurs similar to the one when our first teeth grew. They erupt until they meet the contact with the opposing tooth. The newly created space, after tooth extraction, guarantees that this process will continue.

As a consequence, it will lead to the loosening of the teeth in the opposite dental arch. It is not an overnight process and can be compared to growing hair. Not only does the opposing tooth slide out of the socket, but also the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth slowly tilt towards the gap. Ultimately, one incomplete tooth leads to the loss of several neighbors. It will certainly be of great financial importance for the patient to rebuild missing teeth in the future.

Implantologist Warsaw Wola

We invite patients, both adults and children. We provide implantological treatment plan after consultation with the implantologist. The implantologist develops an appropriate treatment plan based on the analysis of the oral cavity, 3D scan and CBCT examination.

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Healing of dental implants

In the standard protocol, we leave implants for a healing period of 3 months in the mandible and 4 months in the maxilla. Only after this period, it is possible to attach the final crown, i.e. the part visible above the gum.

However, the use of tooth implants with a special surface guarantees the good stabilization of the implants on the day of surgery. It is also possible to install a temporary crown on the day of implant insertion. It is often a procedure of choice in order to do not disturb the gingival architecture and do not cause the disappearance of the soft tissues surrounding the previously removed tooth.

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Types of dental implants

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Implants recreating a single missing tooth

implantologia warszawaThe dental implant is a scaffold, and the crown attached to it rebuilds the tooth. During the procedure, a titanium implant is inserted into the bone structure using a special device that controls cooling and the precision of drilling.

Then the implant is covered with the gum and sutured. Using the phenomenon of osseointegration, our body heals the implant. Final prosthetic reconstruction is possible after a few months.

The crown attached to the implant is visible in the mouth and recreates the lost tooth structure. The connection is ensured by a precise, titanium fastener???, tightened with a durable micro-screw. It requires very high precision that the manufacturing process of such crown is based on the use of a 3D scanner and computer 3D printer.

The crown is made of the highest quality all-ceramic materials, which is an important factor not only for aesthetic reasons, but also facilitates the healing of tissues around the implant. The degree of polishing of the zirconium, which is located under the gingiva, greatly affects the long-term survival of the implant. This means that not only the implant itself and the hygiene around these restorations is important in the long term. The use of materials other than zirconium will not provide sufficient smoothness, which will be problematic when cleaning this area.

Dental implants recreating a single missing tooth can also be inserted and rebuilt on the same day. This is especially important when an anterior tooth needs to be removed and replaced with a temporary solution. After the healing period, such a crown is replaced with a final one.

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Implants are recreating several adjacent teeth

most na implantach warszawaThe implant placement procedure is analogous to single deficiencies. However, computer-navigated implantological templates are used more often in this case to ensure maximum parallelism of implants. Both implants are then connected by a prosthetic bridge that recreates several adjacent teeth. It is a solution that connects one implant to another. Crowns are fused together, recreating the missing teeth. If three teeth are missing, not always one implant is inserted into each tooth. 

Most often, these are two implants, between which one tooth is forming a prosthetic bridge. The tooth touches and emerges from the gum, giving the impression of being completely separate. The restoration is visually indistinguishable from the rest of the teeth. Very high aesthetics of these solutions is also ensured by the use of all-ceramic materials and CAD / CAM technology. Great attention should be paid to the quality of the components and the matching of the structures connecting the implant with prosthetic work. They guarantee the transfer of enormous occlusal forces that these elements withstand. The positioning of the implants on the basis of previous 3D scans and CBCT examination is a significant issue here, as it defines the strength and type of prosthetic bridge.

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Implants on which a full dental arch is recreated

implanty warszawaThe implant placement procedure in the case of the entire dental arch reconstruction involves the positioning of 4 to 6 implants. Thanks to the use of special connecting elements, it is possible to permanently attach prosthetic work or a bridge that rebuilds the entire dental arch.

This solution is much more advantageous than removable prosthetic solutions and provides incredibly greater comfort and well-being. In this case, dental scans are used to digitally design a new smile and to plan the positions of the implants by computer. Thanks to this, it is also possible to make a temporary bridge, which is fixed on the day of removing the remaining teeth in the maxilla or mandible.

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